Developer's comment:

We had issues with scriptable objects acting weirdly from building the game, so this is a version with one variable changed (boolean to true, opening all doors), allowing the player to at least experience all levels. We plan on releasing a post-jam-version once we finally find out how to fix the scriptable objects.

This game is about your descent into a realm of darkness and the things you have to do to come back to your own dimension.

You play a mage who works with dangerous spells that have cast them into a ghastly realm. They know to get back to their home, they need to cast a demanding spell. But for it to work, they first have to find the shards of a real soul and put them back together.  Through mazes, fighting sceletons and  finally the last piece of the soul will be theirs... But will their life energy last?

The mysterious vendor keeps taking more of it.

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